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Interlocking Puzzles - Animals

These sets include real life photographic images of animals involved in different environments and situations. A strong, durable, quality product that can be used in a group setting, with discussion or as a progressive challenge. Make one puzzle at a time or if you really want a challenge, mix all 8 together and see how long it takes to complete. Each set includes 8 puzzles. 2 x 9 pieces, 2 x 12 pieces, 2 x 15 pieces & 2 x 18 pieces. Click the image to find out more information about the product.

JJ590 Wildlife Set

JJ590 - Wildlife Set

Includes: Red Squirrel, Mute Swan, Deer, Badger, Red Kite, Robin, Puffin & Grey Seal.

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JJ591 Wild Animals and Their Young

JJ591 - Wild Animals and Their Young

Includes: Hippopotamus, Cheetah, Elephant, Zebra, Lion,Giraffe, Chimpanzee & Meercat.

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JJ592 Farm Animals & Their Young

JJ592 - Farm Animals & Their Young

Includes: Goat, Cow, Chicken, Duck, sheep, Dog & Pig.

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JJ593 Mini Beasts

JJ593 - Mini Beasts

Includes: Dragonfly, Ladybird, Fly, Spider, Worm, Caterpillar, Bumble Bee and Ant,

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