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Floor Puzzles - Nature & Science

Superbly drawn illustrations of fascinating subjects. Lots to see and learn about. Comes complete with teachers notes for guidance. Click the image to find out more information about the product.

JJ670 Coral Reef

JJ670 - Coral Reef

A stunning jigsaw exploring under our seas. A lot to see and a lot to learn. Comes complete with teacher's notes.

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JJ671 Polar Regions

JJ671 - Polar Regions

A jigsaw exploring the Arctic wildlife in the form of beautiful imagery. Comes complete with teacher's notes.

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JJ672 Rain Forest

JJ672 - Rain Forest

A jigsaw visiting the tropical habitat of our Rain Forests.

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JJ673 Solar System

JJ673 - Solar System

A jigsaw exploring beyond our environment. Learn what's out there in it's full glory.

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