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Individual Products

000 Countryside (Floor Puzzles - Beneath Our world)

JJ013 Life Cycle (Interlocking Puzzles - Junior)

JJ014 Seasons (Interlocking Puzzles - Junior)

JJ016 I Can (Interlocking Puzzles - Junior)

JJ020 ABC Floor Puzzle (Literacy & Numeracy Puzzles)

JJ024 Noah's Ark (Floor Puzzles - Large)

JJ025 Dinosaurs (Floor Puzzles - Large)

JJ026 Fruit (Floor Puzzles - Large)

JJ027 Vegetables and Salad (Floor Puzzles - Large)

JJ028 Conservation Park (Floor Puzzles - Large)

JJ029 Farmyard (Floor Puzzles - Large)

JJ030 Animal Number Train (Literacy & Numeracy Puzzles)

JJ041 Getting Dressed (Interlocking Puzzles - Junior)

JJ045 Life Span (Life Span - What's Next)

JJ046 Emergency Services (Emergency Services)

JJ053 Help Inside The Home (Interlocking Puzzles - Early Years)

JJ054 Help Outside The Home (Interlocking Puzzles - Early Years)

JJ055 Look After Ourselves (Interlocking Puzzles - Early Years)

JJ056 Look After Our Pets (Interlocking Puzzles - Early Years)

JJ065 Farm Animal Set (Wooden Animal Sets)

JJ066 Wild Animal Set (Wooden Animal Sets)

JJ070 Letters Uppercase (Letters & Numbers)

JJ071 Letters Lowercase (Letters & Numbers)

JJ072 Numbers (Letters & Numbers)

JJ073 Letter Formation (Letters & Numbers)

JJ074 Number Formation (Letters & Numbers)

JJ080 Countryside (Floor Puzzles - Beneath Our world)

JJ081 Seaside (Floor Puzzles - Beneath Our World)

JJ082 Town (Floor Puzzles - Beneath Our World)

JJ090 Celebration Guest Book (Guest Book - Celebration)

JJ091 Wedding (Guest Book - Wedding)

JJ100 Big Piece Puzzles (Big Piece Puzzles)

JJ110 Personal Puzzle (New Puzzles - Personal Puzzles)

JJ120 Cottage (Colour Boards)

JJ121 Lorry (Colour Boards)

JJ122 Rabbit (Colour Boards)

JJ123 Snail (Colour Boards)

JJ124 Stack of Rings (Colour Boards)

JJ125 Train (Colour Boards)

JJ126 Tugboat (Colour Boards)

JJ150 Fruit (Peg Boards - Fruit & Veg)

JJ151 Vegetables 1 (Peg Boards - Fruit & Veg)

JJ152 Exotic Fruit 1 (Peg Boards - Fruit & Veg)

JJ153 Vegetables 2 (Peg Boards - Fruit & Veg)

JJ154 Salad (Peg Boards - Fruit & Veg)

JJ155 Exotic Fruit 2 (Peg Boards - Fruit & Veg)

JJ160 Clown (Colour Boards)

JJ161 Digger (Colour Boards)

JJ162 Elephant (Colour Boards)

JJ163 Plane (Colour Boards)

JJ164 Tractor (Colour Boards)

JJ165 Turtle (Colour Boards)

JJ166 Umbrella (Colour Boards)

WT180 Friends (Diversity & Inclusion (Willis Toys Ltd.))

WT181 Red Ball (Diversity & Inclusion (Willis Toys Ltd.))

WT182 Spring Flowers (Diversity & Inclusion (Willis Toys Ltd.))

WT183 Sand Pit (Diversity & Inclusion (Willis Toys Ltd.))

WT184 Colour Works (Diversity & Inclusion (Willis Toys Ltd.))

WT185 Line Dance (Diversity & Inclusion (Willis Toys Ltd.))

WT186 Waving a Flag (Diversity & Inclusion (Willis Toys Ltd.))

WT187 Autumn Leaves (Diversity & Inclusion (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ190 Farm (4 in A Box)

WT190 Chickens (Animal Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ191 Jungle (4 in A Box)

WT191 Horses (Diversity & Inclusion (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ192 Pets (4 In A Box)

WT192 Sheep (Diversity & Inclusion (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ193 Transport (4 In A Box)

WT193 Cows (Diversity & Inclusion (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ194 Weather (4 In A Box)

WT194 Giraffes (Animal Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ195 Sea life (4 in a box)

WT195 Zebras (Animal Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ196 Dinosaur (4 in a box)

WT196 Elephants (Animal Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ197 Insects (4 in a box)

WT197 Lions (Animal Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ198 Wildife (4 in a box)

JJ200 Nativity (Peg Boards - Christmas)

JJ201 Christmas Tree (Peg Boards - Christmas)

JJ210 Noah's Ark (Peg Boards - Combi)

JJ211 Farmyard (Peg Boards - Combi)

JJ220 Elephant (Natural Parent & Baby Animal Puzzles)

JJ221 Penguin (Natural Parent & Baby Animal Puzzles)

JJ222 Pig (Natural Parent & Baby Animal Puzzles)

JJ223 Polar Bear (Natural Parent & Baby Animal Puzzles)

JJ224 Rabbit (Natural Parent & Baby Animal Puzzles)

JJ225 Sheep (Natural Parent & Baby Animal Puzzles)

JJ226 Swan (Natural Parent & Baby Animal Puzzles)

JJ227 Whale (Natural Parent & Baby Animal Puzzles)

JJ240 Shapes (Interlocking Puzzles - My First Puzzle)

JJ241 Toys (Interlocking Puzzles - My First Puzzle)

JJ242 Farm (Interlocking Puzzles - My First Puzzle)

JJ243 Pets (Interlocking Puzzles - My First Puzzle)

JJ279 Starter Shapes (Interlocking Puzzles - My First Puzzle)

JJ280 Set 1 (Interlocking Puzzles - Storytime)

JJ281 Set 2 (Interlocking Puzzles - Storytime)

JJ310 Set 1 (Interlocking Puzzles - Nursery Rhymes)

JJ320 Children Counting Tray (Literacy & Numeracy Puzzles)

JJ330 Key Letters 1 (Literacy & Numeracy - Key Letters)

JJ331 Key Letters 2 (Literacy & Numeracy - Key Letters)

JJ332 Rhyming Phonics 1 (Literacy & Numeracy - Rhyming Phonics)

JJ333 Rhyming Phonics 2 (Literacy & Numeracy - Rhyming Phonics)

JJ350 Cow (Natural Wooden Animal Puzzles)

JJ351 Elephant (Natural Wooden Animal Puzzles)

JJ352 Hippo (Natural Wooden Animal Puzzles)

JJ353 Giraffe (Natural Wooden Animal Puzzles)

JJ354 Pig (Natural Wooden Animal Puzzles)

JJ355 Squirrel (Natural Wooden Animal Puzzles)

JJ356 Turtle (Natural Wooden Animal Puzzles)

JJ357 Chicken (Natural Wooden Animal Puzzles)

JJ358 Sheep (Natural Wooden Animal Puzzles)

JJ360 Brontosaurus (Natural Wooden Animal Puzzles)

JJ361 Stegasaurus (Natural Wooden Animal Puzzles)

JJ362 Triceratops (Natural Wooden Animal Puzzles)

JJ363 T-Rex (Natural Wooden Animal Puzzles)

JJ365 Butterfly (Natural Wooden Animal Puzzles)

JJ366 Hedgehog (Natural Wooden Animal Puzzles)

JJ367 Owl (Natural Wooden Animal Puzzles)

JJ370 Set 1 (Inset Trays - All Kinds of Family)

JJ371 Set 2 (Inset Trays - All Kinds of Family)

JJ380 Set 1 (Inset Trays - Taking Care of Ourselves)

JJ381 Set 2 (Inset Trays - Taking Care of Ourselves)

JJ390 Geometric Shapes (Peg Boards - Geometric Shapes)

JJ391 Memory Board (New Peg Boards)

JJ392 4pc Geo Board (New Peg Boards)

JJ400 0 - 9 Peg Board (Literacy & Numeracy Puzzles)

JJ410 Set 1 (Interlocking Puzzles - Funtime)

JJ411 Set 2 (Interlocking Puzzles - Funtime)

JJ420 Set 1 (Interlocking Puzzles - Emotions)

JJ421 Set 2 (Interlocking Puzzles - Emotions)

JJ430 Set 1 (Interlocking Puzzles - Story by Pictures)

JJ431 Set 2 (Interlocking Puzzles - Story by Pictures)

JJ440 ABC Interlocking (Literacy & Numeracy Puzzles)

JJ441 Numbers Interlocking (Literacy & Numeracy Puzzles)

JJ450 Set 1 (Peg Boards - Toddlers )

JJ451 Set 2 (Peg Boards - Toddlers)

JJ470 CVC 1 (CVC Puzzles)

JJ471 CVC 2 (CVC Puzzles)

JJ472 CVC 3 (CVC Puzzles)

JJ473 CVC 4 (CVC Puzzles)

JJ480 Farmers Market (Floor Puzzles - Discovery)

JJ481 Forest (Floor Puzzles - Discovery)

JJ482 House Building (Floor Puzzles - Discovery)

JJ483 Sea Life (Floor Puzzles - Discovery)

JJ490 Inclusion (Interlocking Puzzles - Inclusion)

JJ500 Colours A (Peg Boards - Colours & Shapes)

JJ502 Shapes A (Peg Boards - Colours & Shapes)

JJ505 Big 4 Piece Peg Board (Peg Boards - Big Peg Boards)

JJ510 Healthy Eating 1 (Floor Puzzles - Healthy Eating)

JJ511 Healthy Eating 2 (Floor Puzzles - Healthy Eating)

JJ520 Months of the Year (Interlocking Puzzles - Months & Days)

JJ521 Days of the Week (Interlocking Puzzles - Months & Days)

JJ530 Fire men (Inset Trays - People Who Help)

WT530 Hannah (Children 4pc Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ531 Paramedics (Inset Trays - People Who Help)

WT531 Oliver (Children 4pc Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ532 Air Ambulance (Inset Trays - People Who Help )

WT532 Chantel (Children 4pc Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ533 Policemen (Inset Trays - People Who Help)

WT533 Jason (Children 4pc Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ534 Recycle Collection (Inset Trays - People Who Help)

WT534 Jasmin (Children 4pc Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ535 Postman (Inset Trays - People Who Help)

WT535 Chloe (Children 4pc Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ536 Milkman (Inset Trays - People Who Help)

JJ540 Car (Inset Trays - Transport)

WT540 Cat (Baby Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ541 Lorry (Inset Trays - Transport)

WT541 Dog (Baby Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ542 Police Car (Inset Trays - Transport)

WT542 Duck (Baby Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ543 Police Bikes (Inset Trays - Transport)

WT543 House (Baby Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ544 Sea Rescue (Inset Trays - Transport)

WT544 Noah (Baby Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ545 Ambulance (Inset Trays - Transport)

WT545 Rooster (Baby Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ546 Lifeboat (Inset Trays - Transport)

JJ547 Fire Engine (Inset Trays - Transport)

JJ552 My Body (Floor Puzzles - Midi)

JJ560 All Kinds of Weather (Interlocking Puzzles - Weather)

JJ570 Bus (Floor Puzzles - Shaped Puzzles)

JJ571 Digger (Floor Puzzles - Shaped Puzzles)

JJ572 Fire Engine (Floor Puzzles - Shaped Puzzles)

JJ573 Plane (Floor Puzzles - Shaped Puzzles)

JJ574 Tractor (Floor Puzzles - Shaped Puzzles)

JJ580 Bugs Set (Inset Trays - Beginners)

WT580 Teddy (Children 6pc Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ581 Transport Set (Inset Trays - Beginners)

WT581 Painting (Children 6pc Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ582 Pets Set (Inset Trays - Beginners)

WT582 Apples (Children 6pc Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ583 Wild Animals Set (Inset Trays - Beginners)

WT583 Drum (Children 6pc Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

WT584 Books (Children 6pc Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

WT585 Dolls (Children 6pc Trays (Willis Toys Ltd.))

JJ590 Wildlife Set (Interlocking Puzzles - Animals)

JJ591 Wild Animals and Their Young (Interlocking Puzzles - Animals)

JJ592 Farm Animals & Their Young (Interlocking Puzzles - Animals)

JJ593 Mini Beasts (Interlocking Puzzles - Animals)

JJ600 Bee (Layered Puzzles - Life Cycles)

JJ601 Butterfly (Layered Puzzles - Life Cycles)

JJ602 Ladybird (Layered Puzzles - Life Cycles)

JJ603 Duck (Layered Puzzles - Life Cycles)

JJ604 Frog (Layered Puzzles - Life Cycles)

JJ605 Turtle (Layered Puzzles - Life Cycles)

JJ610 Four Seasons (Interlocking Puzzles - Weather)

JJ620 Clothes (Peg Boards - Big Peg Boards)

JJ621 Farm (Peg Boards - Big Peg Boards)

JJ622 Wild Animals (Peg Boards - Big Peg Boards)

JJ623 Transport (Peg Boards - Big Peg Boards)

JJ630 Children of the World (Inset Trays - People)

JJ631 Emotions Trays (Inset Trays - People)

JJ632 Modern Families (Interlocking Puzzles - Families)

JJ640 Chicken (Layered Puzzles - Life Cycle)

JJ641 Crocodile (Layered Puzzles - Life Cycles)

JJ642 Penguin (Layered Puzzles - Life Cycles)

JJ643 Salmon (Layered Puzzles - Life Cycle)

JJ644 Snake (Layered Puzzles - Life Cycles)

JJ645 Spider (Layered Puzzles - Life Cycles)

JJ650 Natural Disasters (Interlocking Puzzles - Weather )

JJ660 Farm Animals (Interlocking Puzzles - Real Life First Puzzles)

JJ661 Pets (Interlocking Puzzles - Real Life First Puzzles)

JJ662 Toys (Interlocking Puzzles - Real Life First Puzzles)

JJ663 Wild Animals (Interlocking Puzzles - Real Life First Puzzles)

JJ670 Coral Reef (Floor Puzzles - Nature & Science)

JJ671 Polar Regions (Floor Puzzles - Nature & Science)

JJ672 Rain Forest (Floor Puzzles - Nature & Science)

JJ673 Solar System (Floor Puzzles - Nature & Science)

JJ674 Desert (Floor Puzzles - Nature & Science)

JJ680 Homes (Homes)

JJ690 New Testament (Religious)

JJ691 Old Testament (Religious)

JJ692 Hindu (Religious)

JJ700 Nursery Rhymes #1 (Interlocking Puzzles - Nursery Rhymes)

JJ701 Nursery Rhymes #2 (Interlocking Puzzles - Nursery Rhymes)

JJ702 Nursery Rhymes #3 (Interlocking Puzzles - Nursery Rhymes)

JJ710 Early Explorer Dinosaur Puzzles (New Peg Boards)

JJ711 Basic Peg Objects (New Peg Boards)

JJ712 Basic Peg Shapes (New Peg Boards)

JJ720 Dinosaur (Sorting Boards)

JJ721 Dog (Sorting Boards)

JJ722 Duck (Sorting Boards)

JJ723 Teddy (Sorting Boards)

JJ724 Plane (Sorting Boards)

JJ725 Police Car (Sorting Boards)

JJ726 Tractor (Sorting Boards)

JJ727 Train (Sorting Boards)

JJ730 Dentist (Health Care & Hygiene)

JJ731 Doctor (Health Care & Hygiene)

JJ732 Nurse (Health Care & Hygiene)

JJ733 Optician (Health Care & Hygiene)

JJ734 Bath Time (Health Care & Hygiene)

JJ735 Brushing Hair (Interlocking Tray Puzzles)

JJ736 Cleaning Teeth (Interlocking Tray Puzzles)

JJ737 Washing Hands (Interlocking Tray Puzzles)