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Literacy & Numeracy Puzzles - CVC Puzzles

CVC puzzles are a great example of learning how words are made up. These consonant, vowel, consonant three piece jigsaws are self correcting as well to help when completing the word. Click the image to find out more information about the product.

JJ470 CVC 1

JJ470 - CVC 1

Includes: Bus, Dog, Leg & Tap.

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JJ471 CVC 2

JJ471 - CVC 2

Includes: Cat, Sun, Web & Zip.

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JJ472 CVC 3

JJ472 - CVC 3

Includes: Box, Car, Cup & Pig.

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JJ473 CVC 4

JJ473 - CVC 4

Includes: Bed, Cow, Hat & Rug.

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