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Peg Boards - Sorting Boards

A 5 piece sorting peg board with recognisable, bright and colourful illustrations. Each piece has a complementing colour peg which is easy to grip and use. There is a matching image on the base print to aid the peg piece to be placed into the tray correctly. A great way to learn how to judge and sort size, improving hand to eye co-ordination and problem solving. Click the image to find out more information about the product.

JJ720 Dinosaur

JJ720 - Dinosaur


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JJ721 Dog

JJ721 - Dog


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JJ722 Duck

JJ722 - Duck


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JJ723 Teddy

JJ723 - Teddy


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JJ724 Plane

JJ724 - Plane


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JJ725 Police Car

JJ725 - Police Car

Police Car.

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JJ726 Tractor

JJ726 - Tractor


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JJ727 Train

JJ727 - Train


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